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Rex Pickett is the critically-acclaimed author of the novel Sideways, upon which the Oscar-winning Alexander Payne film of the same title was adapted. Not only did the film win over 350 awards from major critics and awards organizations and completely change the wine world, the film has continued to garner a worldwide cult following.

Rex was born in California and grew up in San Diego. He attended the University of California at San Diego where he matriculated summa cum laude with a Special Projects major, his diploma reading: Specializing in Contemporary Literary and Film Criticism and Creative Writing.

Genres: General Fiction, Mystery
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July 2024

(Sideways, book 5)
   1. Sideways (2004)
   2. Vertical (2010)
   3. Chile (2015)
   4. New Zealand (2024)
   5. Oregon (2024)
   The Archivist (2021)
Rex Pickett recommends
California Fever (2022)
John J Jacobson
"Channeling the idiosyncratically whimsical voice of Tom Robbins and marrying it with the SoCal surf scene, John J. Jacobson 's California Fever is a perfectly formed overhead Rincon barrel groomed by an offshore zephyr. Alternately funny, wacky, and mordantly satiric, Jacobson's charming follow-up to his critically acclaimed All the Cowboys Ain't Gone goofy-foots its way into a mischievously madcap plot headlined by a guileless main character--thigh-deep in a miasmic subculture of sun-worshipping surfer clapperheads--hell-bent on personal salvation and the love of a woman, but unwittingly vectored for self-destruction. Evoking fond memories of the inscrutably plotted The Big Lebowski, I devoured this coruscating gem in one night in a veritable blur of pages. Move aside, Kem Nunn. Or, as the surfing world's GOAT Kelly Slater might holler, 'Cowabunga!'"
Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives (2022)
(Pignon Scorbion, book 1)
Rick Bleiweiss
"Channeling a time of yore, and brilliantly ventriloquizing voices of a bygone era, debut crime novelist Rick Bleiweiss's Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives hurls us back over a century to the fictional town of Haxshire, England, to delight us with a sophisticated series of mysteries that evokes masters of the 'cozy' craft in the fin de siecle, revivifying their timelessly seductive sleuthing methods and bringing them startlingly back to life. There's a wonderful prestidigitation in the writing and how it veneers an ancient period with a three-dimensional verisimilitude. Charmingly, and improbably, set in a barbershop, Bleiweiss's Chief Inspector Pignon Scorbion is a true original, a private eye cast in the mold of Poirot and Holmes with a touch of his own sui generis foppishness, cunning, and cerebrally deductive crime-solving. Once the opening case of a disputed paternity jumpstarts a concatenation of cases, the novel speeds along at a page-blurring pace, always returning to the barbershop where a colorful cast of amateur sleuths aid Scorbion in his relentless quest for the truth. Rich in period characters, interlarded with deft twists and hairpin turns in its unfolding, fans nostalgic for the old-fashioned, but never outdated, whodunnit will revel in this shimmering recreation of the genre and will no doubt be treated to a veritable cataract of Inspector Scorbion books in the years to come."

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