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Robert Peecher comes by his love of history honestly.

As a young kid, Rob frequently gathered up his father's Time Life books on the Old West and the War Between the States and flipped through the pages to look at the pictures. When he was in preschool, he daily wore a Lone Ranger costume and only answered to the name "The Lone Ranger." It worked, though, because by Thanksgiving break the other kids in the class had convinced their parents they attended preschool with the Lone Ranger.

As he got older, and words started to mean more, he left the pictures aside and delved into the histories. While he was fascinated with history from the earliest of times through the 20th Century, he found that he always went back to mid-1800s America. The Civil War. The Old West.

In high school, Rob developed a passion for writing, and in college he pursued a degree in print journalism. But speaking of history, newspapers ain't what they used to be.

Rob worked for a number of weekly and daily newspapers over the course of his first decade as a journalist, and for the next 10 years he owned a weekly newspaper in his hometown.

In 2015, he sold out and hung up his press badge, after having put together a pretty good 20-year career. In that career, he sent a corrupt city official to the federal penitentiary and reported on the activities of a cult whose messianic leader was sentenced to 150 years in federal prison for molesting children. In his career, Rob was once shot at and repeatedly threatened, and he spent half an hour yelling at a former head of a state investigative agency, all because he had a knack for making a nuisance of himself when it came to confronting corrupt government officials, despicable public servants, criminals, and other ne'er-do-wells.

In 2012, Rob decided to marry his love of history and his love of writing when he penned the first of the Jackson Speed novels. The multi-book series follows a morally bankrupt, cowardly scoundrel through his adventures during some of the biggest moments of American history: - the War of Yankee Aggression, the Mexican-American War, the California Gold Rush, and the expansion period of the Old West. Despite the flaws of the titular character, the series reads like a fast-paced action-adventure, Western, or war saga. The history is solid fact, and one of the wonders of the Jackson Speed novels is to see how Rob weaves his character into the true events of the past. And, maybe best of all, the novels are good for a laugh.

In 2017, after five years of writing the stories of a coward, Rob decided to expand his writing to include more traditional Westerns, the first of which is the Two Rivers Station Westerns, the Lodero Westerns, and the Animas Forks serial (due to be published in 2018).

Beyond his novel writing, Rob Peecher is an avid paddler and prefers getting his canoe wet on the river to almost everything else. Since 1995 he's been married to his best friend and first reader, Jean, and together they have three sons.

Genres: Western
Rab Sinclair Western
   1. A Trail Too Far (2018)
   2. The Glorieta Grudge (2018)
   3. A Vast and Desolate Land (2018)
   4. A Violent Outcome (2019)
Moses Calhoun
   1. Blood on the Mountain (2019)
   2. Death in the Valley (2019)
   3. A Season of Killing (2020)
Marshal from Ocate Trilogy
   1. Rankin's Posse (2021)
   2. Rankin's Blood (2021)
   3. Rankin's Vendetta (2021)
Heck & Early Western
   1. Bred in the Bone (2021)
   2. Hard Bit Men (2021)
   3. Scurrilous (2021)
   4. Grit to the Core (2022)
   5. Out in the Great Alone (2022)
   Too Long the Winter (2018)
   Trulock's Posse (2018)
   A Debt to Pay (2019)
   Brewer's Posse (2019)
   Through a Land Accurst (2020)
   Four Days Outside of Del Norte (2020)
   Tres Hombres Malos (2021)
   Slow Pike (2022)
   The Trail's Stern Code (2023)
   No Man's Land (2023)
Novellas and Short Stories
   The Valley's Lament (2022)
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