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Angie Rowe had lived all her life in Dublin, Ireland without a thought of becoming a writer. She would probably never have picked up a pen at all had it not been for the voucher. It was for a writing class. She made every excuse she could think of not to go. Too old, too shy, born in the inner city, left school at fifteen. No, she decided, it was not for her. Except that, there was this story stuck in her head. She tried to ignore it, but it crept in and took root. So she went to the class and began to write. Yes, she was the oldest one there, but it didn't matter. 'Of course it will never be published. First books just aren't.' was the collective wisdom. But she sent it off anyway, nothing to lose. A few months and many rejections later she got word from Poolbeg Press. 'We like it!' And not only did they like Eaten Bread, they offered her a three book deal.

So Angie Rowe says the collective wisdom can be wrong, wonderful things can happen. You're never too old to tell a story, it's just words on a page. Go on and pick up that pen.

Genres: Historical Mystery
   Eaten Bread (2021)

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