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J.M. O'Rourke live on the west coast of Ireland, a beautiful location, but one best appreciated by leaving and travelling, then coming back and seeing things anew. Which is what He did. He spent much of his life in the UK, Europe and America.
 He's worked at a variety of occupations. He don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed of the fact that He's had over 40 jobs in his life, everything from barman to soldier (in the Irish army), potato picker to construction worker and stone mason, newspaper reporter to station foreman with London Underground, and many more in between.
 He left home at sixteen without completing his formal education. However, He returned as a mature student and hold a BA in history and sociology from the National University of Ireland at Maynooth, and an M.Phil from Trinity College, Dublin. 
Since 2006 He's been a civilian employee of the Irish police, An Garda Síochána, a role that offers me a unique insight into police investigative and forensic techniques.
He has been writing all his life. Under his real name, Michael Scanlon, He's had three books published by Bookouture. As J.M. O’Rourke, He is taking a new departure. Just as a song writer might change the tempo of a song, so too can a writer change the tempo of his writing. He believes writing should be an endless exploration of different forms.
He also likes to play the guitar and drums (although I’m not very good at either), hill walking and drinking coffee in his local Costa. He hopes you enjoy the Jack Brody series, and if you do, He would be grateful if you would leave a favorable review. Reviews are like wings, they give books lift, allowing them to (hopefully) soar.


Genres: Mystery
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February 2024

I Know Your Secret
Detective Jack Brody
   1. The Devil's House (2022)
   2. Time of Death (2023)
   3. A Deadly Affair (2023)
   4. Bad Blood (2023)
   I Know Your Secret (2024)

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