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Caitlin Rother

New York Times. bestselling author Caitlin Rother has written or co-authored ten books. As a Pulitzer-nominated investigative journalist, Rother worked nearly 20 years for daily newspapers. She now writes books full-time, appearing regularly on TV and radio as a crime expert. Rother draws from decades of experience reporting on a wide range of topics -- from addiction, suicide, mental illness and murder to politics and corruption at City Hall and in Congress. A popular speaker, she also helps aspiring authors as a book doctor and writing/research/promotions coach and consultant, and teaches narrative non-fiction, digital journalism, and author branding/promotions at UCSD Extension and San Diego Writers, Ink.

Genres: Mystery
Non fiction
   Twisted Triangle (2008) (with John Hess)
   Body Parts (2009)
   Where Hope Begins (2009) (with Alysia Sofios)
     aka Deadly Devotion
   Dead Reckoning (2011)
   My Life, Deleted (2011) (with Joan Bolzan and Scott Bolzan)
   Lost Girls (2012)
   I'll Take Care of You (2014)
   Then No One Can Have Her (2015)
   A Complicated Woman (2015)
   The Fugitive With One Shoe (2016)
   Dead on Delivery (2016)
   Kill Him Some More (2016)
   Love Gone Wrong (2016)
   Secrets, Lies, and Shoelaces (2018)