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E H Reinhard

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, E.H. Reinhard spent ten years in retail management before venturing into the acquisitions of viral humor websites in 2009. At their peak, his core group of owned websites generated 30 million unique visitors a month. As the websites grew, the time involved to maintain, promote, and add fresh content to them began to take its toll. It was time to sell.
With new-found time on his hands, Reinhard freelanced in blogging and content writing until he took it upon himself to try something more personally rewarding and increasingly more challenging--writing fiction.
As a fan of mystery, thrillers, and crime fiction, Reinhard hatched the idea of the Lieutenant Kane series of police procedural novels. The story arc focuses on the life, on and off duty, of a fictional Tampa Police Homicide Lieutenant, Carl Kane.
While the series was originally planned to take place in Milwaukee, an opportunity to relocate to the Tampa Bay area arose for Reinhard.
Agent Hank Rawlings
1. Drained (2015)
2. Consumed (2015)
3. Committed (2015)
4. Judged (2016)
5. Mounted (2016)
6. Deserted (2016)
Lieutenant Kane - Dedicated to Death
1. The First Shot (2016)
2. The Ninth Life (2016)
3. Body of Work (2017)
4. Cause and Effect (2017)
Lieutenant Harrington
1. Wrath (2017)
2. Beset (2017)
3. Vestige (2018)
4. Variant (2018)