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A winner of seven Primetime Emmy Awards, Jason Ross co-authored two #1 New York Times bestselling comedy books and wrote for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and others. He grew up in Chico, Calif., where springtime starts in February and the sidewalk cracks are just the right height for skateboard tricks. Jason now lives with his family in Los Angeles, where it’s springtime all year and he still skateboards when no one’s looking. The Amazing Beef Squad is his debut novel.

Genres: Science Fiction
Black Autumn Saga
   1. Black Autumn (2018) (with Jeff Kirkham)
   2. Black Autumn Travelers (2019) (with Jeff Kirkham)
   3. Conquistadors (2019) (with Jeff Kirkham)
   4. The Last Air Force One (2019) (with Jeff Kirkham)
   5. White Wasteland (2021) (with Jeff Kirkham)
   6. Honor Road (2021) (with Adam Fullman)
   7. America Invaded (2021) (with Jeff Kirkham)
   8. President Partisan (2021) (with Jeff Kirkham)
   9. Blood Spring (2022) (with Jeff Kirkham)
   10. Fragments of America (2020) (with L L Akers, Josh Brooks, Boyd Craven, Arthur Dorst, Adam Fullman, George Grimm, Jeff Kirkham, Paul Knoch, Chris Serfustini and R Chris Yates)
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