Joanna Rose

Joanna Rose recommends
The Alehouse At the End of the World (2018)
Stevan Allred
"Stevan Allred, armed with an abiding love of narrative, and an arsenal of sentence-by-sentence wit and tumble, draws us into an epic battle for the soul of the afterworld, and we are led ever on by language dangerously funny. The creatures that illuminate this journey with their eternal ponderings and arguments, are not necessarily human except in their search for reason and love, driven as they are by power, sex, and the beautiful mystery of death."
The Care of Strangers (2020)
Ellen Michaelson
"This is a tale of connection and disconnection, between patients, staff, and doctors; between the living and the dead; between parent and child. Sima's outsider view of her world, tinged with wonder and given over in deft scenework, is a triumph of humanity, endurance, and love."

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