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Neil Russell

Neil Russell is founder and president of Site 85 Productions, an entertainment-focused intellectual property rights company based in Beverly Hills. A former executive with Paramount, Columbia, MGM/UA and Carolco Pictures--the company that produced the "Rambo" movies, "Terminator 2" and "Total Recall"--he also founded and headed Carolco Television Productions. Site 85 has entered into agreements with many entertainment companies, including Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Activision, MGM, Columbia, Walt Disney/ABC, Universal, Scott Free Productions, F/X Networks and others. In addition to his novels, Neil authored the book, "Can I Still Kiss You?: Answering Your Children's Questions About Cancer," which grew out of his two successful battles with the disease. A graduate of Parsons College, he is a member of the Naval War College Foundation and numerous entertainment industry organizations. He is also an honorary member of the Hmong community of Laos for fundraising to provide Hmong children with prostheses for limbs lost to mines.