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USA flag (b.1944)

Jim Sallis has published fourteen novels, multiple collections of short stories, essays, and poems, books of musicology, a biography of Chester Himes, and a translation of Raymond Queneau's novel Saint Glinglin. He has written about books for the L.A. Times, New York Times, and Washington Post, and for some years served as a books columnist for the Boston Globe. In 2007 he received a lifetime achievement award from Bouchercon. In addition to the feature film Drive, the six Lew Griffin books are under consideration for development as feature films and Driven is optioned to the same team as Drive. Jim teaches novel writing at Phoenix College and plays regularly with his string band, Three-Legged Dog. He stays busy.

Genres: Mystery
   1. Cypress Grove (2003)
   2. Cripple Creek (2006)
   3. Salt River (2007)
   1. Drive (2005)
   2. Driven (2012)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by James Sallis
Short stories
Delta Flight
Faces and Hands
The First Few Kinds of Truth
The Creation of Bennie Good (1970)Nebula Awards (nominee)
53RD American Dream (1972)
At the Fitting Shop (1972)
A Weather Report from the Top of the Stairs (1973) (with David Lunde)
Insect Men of Boston (1974)
Miranda-Escobedo (1976)
Attitude of the Earth Toward Other Bodies (1989)
Dear Floods of Her Hair (1999)

Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1971) : The Creation of Bennie Good
Shamus Awards Best Novel nominee (1994) : Moth
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (1998) : Eye of the Cricket

James Sallis recommends
Meet Me in the Moon Room (2001)
Ray Vukcevich
"These are funny, savage stories, all flint and steel, scraps of flannel, pratfalls and prideful weirdness..."
The Devil's Playground (2004)
Stav Sherez
"The finest novel I have read in some time... it introduces a major talent."
Print the Legend (2010)
(Hector Lassiter, book 8)
Craig McDonald
"What critics might call eclectic, and Eastern folks quirky, we Southerners call cussedness -- and it's the cornerstone of the American genius.  As in: "There's a right way, a wrong way, and my way."  You want to see how that looks on the page, pick up any of Craig McDonald's novels.  He's built him a nice little shack out there way off all the reg'lar roads, and he's brewing some fine, heady stuff.  Leave your money under the rock and come back in an hour."
Koreatown Blues (2016)
Mark Rogers
"Mark Rogers knows that the stylish, polished picture frame in which we live is riddled with holes, in which worms live."
Double Wide (2017)
(Whip Stark, book 1)
Leo W Banks
"Double Wide is classic crime in its best new clothes, Goodis-style grand failure and Chandler’s streetwise knight welded to the same frame and left baking in the Arizona desert until only the essential remains. Great writing line to line, wonderful evocation of place, each sentence edged with grit and humor – here where death is another story’s start-up."
Like Flies from Afar (2020)
K Ferrari
"This novel should come not with blurbs but with a hazardous-material warning: There's bone and gristle here, be ready for that taste in your mouth you can't spit out. First words to last, it's strong stuff."
Just Thieves (2021)
Gregory Galloway
"Just Thieves happens in a wonderful space where digression and story-telling ride out together. There's room here for much of the world and for reminders that life itself is a digression. I enjoyed and admired this novel."
Cruz (2022)
Nicolás Ferraro
"After seventy years of voracious and omnivorous reading, finding a new writer remains a great pleasure, especially one who honors tradition while speaking clearly, even beautifully, in a voice all his or her own. Nico Ferraro is one of those writers."
Jackdaw (2022)
Tade Thompson
"Like Joyce's Nighttown sequence, Jackdaw dwells timelessly along some ever-undefined border between dreams, the actual, the creatively imagined, and hard-edged hallucination. It is brutal, unremitting and, very much in its own steadfast manner, brilliant."

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