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It's rare for a new author to pull a favorable Kirkus Review with a debut novel, but that's just what A. R. Shaw did with The China Pandemic; the first book in the Graham's Resolution series. Not only that, it hit number one in both Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian genres in May of 2014. Not bad for a Texas girl and former Radio Operator, who served in the Air Force Reserves. Since then, she's written three more novels in the popular Graham's Resolution series, two Kindle World's Novellas in the Perseid Collapse world as well as an addition to the popular Wayward Pines Kindle World, Kate's Redemption. In the works now is a mystery novel and a new post-apocalyptic series, Surrender the Sun, as well as surprise additions to the Graham's Resolution series. She was stunned by the love of her fans for the fictional dog, Sheriff, from the Graham's Resolution series who now has his own Facebook Page run by fans titled Sheriff's K-9 Squad Room. It's a page to share all things regarding police dogs. She's been repeatedly warned, by the fans, never to consider axing the dog; the children are fair game, but the dog stays. Perhaps that's a tribute to her unique ability to write stories that make readers really care about the characters she develops. For now, A. R. Shaw lives with her family in eastern Washington State, but she may soon flee to the hills of Idaho perhaps to some quiet cabin in the woods. You can contact A. R. Shaw directly at her website at (AuthorARShaw.com)

Genres: Science Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Thriller, Mystery
New and upcoming books
January 2024

Dill's Chalet
(Disasters in a Jar, book 4)
Graham's Resolution
   1. The China Pandemic (2013)
   2. The Cascade Preppers (2014)
   3. The Last Infidels (2015)
   4. The Malefic Nation (2015)
   5. The Bitter Earth (2018)
   6. The Wild West (2020)
   7. The Long Goodbye (2021)
   8. The Tender Harvest (2024)
Surrender the Sun
   1. Bishop's Honor (2016)
   2. Sanctuary (2017)
   3. Point of No Return (2017)
   4. Savaged Earth (2022)
   5. Feral Earth (2023)
   6. Rough Earth (2023)
Dawn of Deception
   1. Unbound (2018)
   2. Undone (2018)
   3. Unbeaten (2019)
Remember the Ruin
   1. Rebel Blaze (2019)
   2. Wayward State (2019)
   3. Grand Gesture (2021)
Watch the Wreckage
   1. The Drone Keeper (2021)
   2. The Graceless (2023)
   3. From the Edge (2023)
House of Light
   1. See the Light (2022)
   2. Saw the Light (2022)
   3. Save the Light (2023)
Look Good
   1. Look Good (2022)
   2. Look Out (2022)
   3. Look Alive (2023)
Times of Trouble
   1. In the Meantime (2023)
   2. In the Lean Times (2023)
   3. In the Rough Times (2023)
Disasters in a Jar
   1. John's New Place (2023)
   2. Gwen's Misery Beach Cottage (2023)
   3. Jessie's Last Signal (2023)
   4. Dill's Chalet (2024)
   23 (2009)
   The French Wardrobe (2016)
   Bite-Sized Offerings (2015) (with others)
   Origins of Honor (2020) (with others)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Pretend You're Here (2021)
A R Shaw recommends
The Loyal Nine (2015)
(Boston Brahmin, book 1)
Bobby Akart
"Bobby Akart can write! I'm so looking forward to his upcoming novels. He's a writer to watch!"

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