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Alli Sinclair

Alli Sinclair is a multi award-winning author who spent her early adult years travelling the globe, intent on becoming an Indiana Jones in heels. She scaled mountains in Nepal, Argentina, and Peru, rafted the Ganges, and rode a camel in the Sahara. Argentina and Peru became her home for a few years and when she wasn’t working as a mountain or tour guide, Alli could be found in the dance halls dancing the tango, salsa, merengue, and samba.

All of these adventures made for fun storytelling and this is when she discovered her love of writing. Alli’s stories capture the romance and thrill of exploring new destinations and cultures that also take readers on a journey of discovery.

Genres: Romance
Wandering Skies
   0.5. Parisian Dreams (2017)
   1. Midnight Serenade (2016)
     aka Luna Tango
   1.5. Dreaming of Spain (2017)
   2. Under the Spanish Stars (2016)
   3. Under the Parisian Sky (2017)
     aka Beneath the Parisian Skies
   Burning Fields (2018)
   The Cinema at Starlight Creek (2019)
     aka The Cinema of Lost Dreams
   The Codebreakers (2020)
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