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Kate Quinn's love of history was inspired by her mother, a history scholar, who told her bedtime stories about Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. Kate attended Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Classical Voice whilst at the same time writing her first novel, Mistress of Rome. Now Kate lives in San Diego with her husband.

Genres: Historical, Historical Mystery
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July 2024

The Briar Club
Empress of Rome
   1. Mistress of Rome (2010)
   2. Daughters of Rome (2011)
   3. Empress of the Seven Hills (2012)

     aka Empress of Rome

   3.5. The Three Fates (2015)
   4. Lady of the Eternal City (2015)
   A Day of Fire (2014) (with others)
   A Year of Ravens (2015) (with others)
   A Song of War (2016) (with others)
   The Alice Network (2017)
   The Huntress (2019)
   Ribbons of Scarlet (2019) (with others)
   The Rose Code (2021)
   The Diamond Eye (2022)
   The Phoenix Crown (2023) (with Janie Chang)
   The Briar Club (2024)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Signal Moon (2022)
Kate Quinn recommends
The Thirteenth Husband (2024)
Greer Macallister
"Greer Macallister pens a nail-biter that makes you want to stand up and cheer."
The Glassmaker (2024)
Tracy Chevalier
"Tracy Chevalier pens a novel as ambitious, audacious, and artistic as a Venetian glass goblet. Beginning in the height of the Renaissance and hopscotching with casual ease through the centuries to the modern day, she examines the ever-changing city of Venice through the eyes of Orsola Rosso, defiantly gifted daughter of a Murano glassmaking family, and how her unique gift with glass shines through time, fragile but unbreakable. The Glassmaker is a thing of beauty."
Your Presence Is Mandatory (2024)
Sasha Vasilyuk
"Journalist Sasha Vasilyuk works magic in the gray areas of history, weaving her compelling debut historical novel out of the shadowy overlap between survival, secrecy, and guilt. Ukrainian-Jewish Yefim Shulman fights through his time in the Red Army, but war and captivity will leave him with secrets he cannot tell his family. Struggling to build a life postwar in a regime where the wrong lie-or truth-means exile and death, Yefim makes choices that echo through the decades and generations to come. Your Presence Is Mandatory is an important, moving read that will resonate long in the reader's memory."

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