Carl Sargent

UK flag (b.1952)

Sargent is also noted for holding a PhD in psychology (or experimental parapsychology), which he earned in 1979. He is known to have performed numerous ganzfeld experiments at the University of Cambridge (a photograph of Sargent performing such an experiment appears in the Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience, page 129). His published works in this field include Explaining the Unexplained: Mysteries of the Paranormal, co-authored with Hans Eysenck. 

Genres: Fantasy
Zagor Chronicles (with Ian Livingstone)
1. Firestorm (1993)
2. Darklord (1993)
3. Skullcrag (1994)
4. Demonlord (1994)
Series contributed to
Non fiction
Explaining the Unexplained (1982) (with Hans J Eysenck)
Know Your Own Psi-Q (1983) (with Hans Eysenck)
     aka Are You Psychic?
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