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C. J. Tudor lives in Nottingham, England with her partner and three-year-old daughter.

Over the years she has worked as a copywriter, television presenter, voice over and dog-walker. She is now thrilled to be able to write full-time, and doesn’t miss chasing wet dogs through muddy fields all that much.

Genres: Mystery, Horror
New Books
September 2022

A Sliver of Darkness
January 2023

The Drift
   The Chalk Man (2018)
   The Taking of Annie Thorne (2019)
     aka The Hiding Place
   The Other People (2020)
   The Burning Girls (2021)
   The Drift (2023)
   Hex-Periments (2021) (with Keith Anthony Baird, Demi-Louise Blackburn, Denis Bushlatov, Tracy Fahey, Kev Harrison, Sarah J Huntington, Dave Jeff, Ross Jeffery, Paul Kane, Eyglo Karlsdottir, William Meikle, Villimey Mist, Anthony Self and David Sodergren)
   A Sliver of Darkness (2022)
Barry Awards Best First Novel winner (2019) : The Chalk Man

C J Tudor recommends
My Sister (2017)
Michelle Adams
"I loved this dark and disturbing thriller. Tense and twisted, it glued me to the sofa from the first page to the last."
Dark Pines (2017)
(Tuva Moodyson Mystery, book 1)
Will Dean
"Atmospheric, creepy and tense. Loved the Twin Peaks vibe. Loved Tuva. More please!"
The Echo Killing (2018)
(Harper McClain, book 1)
Christi Daugherty
"A taut, tightly-woven mystery set in the simmering heat of Savannah. This one kept me guessing till the very end . . . and then left me hungry for more! I can’t wait for Harper McLain’s next outing."
The Feed (2018)
Nick Clark Windo
"A really clever and original book. A tense thriller wrapped up in a scarily plausible dystopian nightmare, with a twist that will make your head explode!"
The Memory Chamber (2018)
Holly Cave
"A wonderful, original thriller. Check it out."
The Darkness (2018)
(Hulda, book 1)
Ragnar Jónasson
"... magnificently dark and twisted! That ending."
The Perfect Girlfriend (2018)
Karen Hamilton
"One of the best twisted narrators I've ever read."
I, Witness (2018)
(PI Madison Attalee, book 1)
Niki Mackay
"Cracking thriller and a great female protagonist. Swearing, smoking, rock-music loving (and not neurotic or passive!) My kind of woman."
Sticks and Stones (2018)
Jo Jakeman
"A cracking book. Darkly funny, yet also touching and emotive. Plus, full of suspense and twists. Buy it!"
The Last (2019)
Hanna Jameson
"Dark, original, compelling."
The Lost Night (2019)
Andrea Bartz
"I loved this very cool thriller that puts you bang in the middle of New York's hippest crowd. The damaged narrator will keep you second-guessing all the way. I read it in two days!"
The Silent Patient (2019)
Alex Michaelides
"I was kicking myself black and blue that I did not see *that* moment coming. I have never been so happily wrong-footed. A very clever book - highly recommended."
The Neighbour (2019)
Fiona Cummins
"Brilliant . . . dark, creepy and twisted."
The Killer in Me (2019)
(Frankie Sheehan, book 2)
Olivia Kiernan
"Truly first class."
Then She Vanishes (2019)
Claire Douglas
"Cements Claire's reputation as one of the best writers of psychological suspense out there. I loved this dark, twisty tale and sped through it in one sitting."
The Whisper Man (2019)
Alex North
"Beautifully written. Beautifully plotted. Shades of Thomas Harris and Stephen King but brilliant in its own right."
The Perfect Wife (2019)
J P Delaney
"Seriously, amazingly, awesomely brilliant . . . speculative fiction mixed up with a mind-bendingly twisty psycho thriller! I devoured it."
A Cosmology of Monsters (2019)
Shaun Hamill
"Sometimes you read a book and you know it’s special. A Cosmology of Monsters by Shaun Hamill is just such a book. It’s a book about family, love, loss, obsession . . . and monsters. Unique and wonderful. You won’t read anything like it this year."
To Keep You Safe (2019)
Kate Bradley
"Fast-paced - strong . . . and a change from the usual thriller."
Mr Nobody (2020)
Catherine Steadman
"Fans of The Silent Patient will love it."
The Last Day (2020)
Andrew Hunter Murray
"I loved the premise of this high-concept thriller ... a compelling read with some well-placed observations on the darkness of human nature and survival. The Last Day will keep you gripped to the very last page."
Darling Rose Gold (2020)
Stephanie Wrobel
"Takes twisted mum and daughter relationships to a whole new level. Think Misery meets Sharp Objects."
The Deep (2020)
Alma Katsu
"The way Alma Katsu weaves the true story of the Titanic and her sister ship, Britannic, with this dark, terrifying tale of possession and haunting is phenomenal. Part history, part drama, part love story, part creepy-as-heck ghost tale, with chills icier than the watery depths, The Deep is beautifully written, thoroughly absorbing, and totally terrifying."
We Begin at the End (2020)
Chris Whitaker
"I hate this man. I mean, I really hate him because this is the sort of book that makes you feel like you're not trying hard enough as an author. Just amazing."
He Started It (2020)
Samantha Downing
"Dexter meets Gone Girl."
The Long, Long Afternoon (2021)
Inga Vesper
"Loved this taut slice of classic noir. Shimmering Santa Monica skies, technicolor fifties suburbia hiding the darkest of secrets. All set against a backdrop of stifling racial tension. If there isn't a film in the pipeline I'd be shocked!"
Bath Haus (2021)
P J Vernon
"What a ride! Taut as piano wire prose, propulsive plotting. Breathlessly twisty. Brilliantly addictive."
Chasing the Boogeyman (2021)
Richard Chizmar
"Brilliant…absolutely fascinating, totally compelling and immensely poignant. I dare you not to finish it in one sitting. This one will stay with me!"
Sign Here (2022)
Claudia Lux
"The most dark, twisted fun I've had with a book for ages."

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