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Cassandra Khaw is the business developer for a micropublisher Ysbryd Games, which specializes in narrative-driven video games. When not otherwise sending press releases, she is reading them. The Malaysian transplant contributes regularly to technology outlet Ars Technica UK. Somewhere between all that, Cassandra spends abnormal amounts of time writing about living architecture, Southeast Asian mythology, and fantastical things like older female characters with agency.

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction

Cassandra Khaw recommends
The Fall of the House of Cabal (2016)
(Johannes Cabal, book 5)
Jonathan L Howard
"An ensemble cast performing at their incandescent best… Witty, wickedly funny…"
Clockwork Boys (2017)
(Clocktaur War, book 1)
T Kingfisher
"Hands down, probably the best piece of traditionally western epic fantasy I've read ever."
Automatic Reload (2020)
Ferrett Steinmetz
"Automatic Reload is for everyone who ever wished the Transformers movies were less Michael Bay, more transformation sequences; it luxuriates in the intricate beauty that is technology, exults in the mechanics of cyberpunk. And it does all this while being a rom-com with a lot of explosions."
Ring Shout (2020)
P Djèlí Clark
"There are plenty of books that make metaphors of monsters, but RING SHOUT names its horrors without flinching. It is brilliant and coldly angry, cosmic horror and historical fiction without a shred of sentimentality. I didn't expect to squirm from the body horror, but I absolutely did. And I'm still processing its meditations on hatred and rage and fear. How some of us push ourselves to be more than those emotions, how others glut themselves on the darkness."
All the Murmuring Bones (2021)
A G Slatter
"All the Murmuring Bones is fairy-tale gothic at its finest and then some. Luscious, richly infused with Slatter’s gift for creating place; this is a world that invites travel along all of its dark roads and secret paths. Long after you’re done with the book, you’ll sit there drenched still in its magic, wondering how you might find your way back."

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