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Claire Stibbe

Claire Stibbe is a debut crime thriller author and creator of the Detective Temeke Crime Series The 9th Hour, Night Eyes, Past Rites and Dead Cold.   

Her books which are pscyhological thriller, part police procedural have been shortlisted for the prestigious New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards 2016 and 2017, and The Kindle Book Award 2017. Since last year, she has already sold over 200,000 books. Two have become bestsellers in the Kindle US top 10 and in the top 2. Claire’s inspiration comes from authors such as Liza Marklund, Patricia Cornwell, Jo Nesbo, James Patterson and Ruth Ware. 
In addition to writing crime fiction, Claire has published an Egyptian fiction series which was a gold medal recipient at Harper Collins Publishers showcase website, Authonomy. She is British and lives in the US. She is also a graduate of the 50th Citizen Police Academy and BSCO Citizen Sheriff's Academy and volunteer journalist for Stand True for Blue.

Stibbe has also written short stories for Breakwater Harbor Books Publishing. The collection won Best Anthology of 2014 in the Independent Book Awards hosted by eFestival of Words. She has written dozens of articles that have been published in business and trade journals and she often presents at workshops and writers events.

Genres: Mystery
Detective Temeke
   1. The 9th Hour (2016)
   2. Night Eyes (2016)
   3. Past Rites (2016)
   4. Dead Cold (2017)
   5. Easy Prey (2017)
   6. Silent Admirer (2019)