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Dennis Lehane

USA flag (b.1965)

Dennis Lehane is the author of the New York Times bestseller Mystic River; Prayers for Rain; Gone, Baby, Gone; Sacred; Darkness, Take My Hand; and A Drink Before the War, which won the Shamus Award for Best First Novel. A native of Dorchester, Massachusetts, he lives in the Boston area.

Genres: Mystery, Historical
Series contributed to
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (1997) : Darkness, Take My Hand
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (1998) : Sacred
Shamus Awards Best Novel nominee (1998) : Sacred
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (1999) : Gone, Baby, Gone
Dilys Awards Best Book winner (1999) : Gone, Baby, Gone
Shamus Awards Best Novel nominee (1999) : Gone, Baby, Gone
Shamus Awards Best Novel nominee (2000) : Prayers for Rain
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (2002) : Mystic River
Dilys Awards Best Book winner (2002) : Mystic River
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2002) : Mystic River
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2004) : Shutter Island
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (2011) : Moonlight Mile
Edgar Awards Best Novel winner (2013) : Live by Night
Dagger Awards Best Book nominee (2018) : Since We Fell

Dennis Lehane recommends
Past Reason Hated (1991)
(DCI Banks, book 5)
Peter Robinson
Fall from Grace (1998)
(Jane Candiotti, book 1)
Clyde Phillips
"FALL FROM GRACE is a deftly plotted first novel with the pace of a hurricane and the imact of an earthquake. All but impossible to put down."
Critical Space (2001)
(Atticus Kodiak, book 5)
Greg Rucka
"Rucka is a refreshingly bold talent... a great addition to thriller fiction."
Winter and Night (2002)
(Bill Smith, Lydia Chin, book 8)
S J Rozan
"SJ Rozan is, hands-down, one of my favorite crime writers working today. To read her is to experience the kind of pure pleasure that only a master can deliver."
Black River (2002)
(Frank Corso, book 2)
G M Ford
"Hands down, one of my favorite contemporary crime writers."
Sweet Dream Baby (2002)
Sterling Watson
"One of the finest novels I've read in years... Months after reading it, it haunts me still."
Rain Dogs (2005)
Sean Doolittle
"As long as there are writers like Sean Doolittle out there, American crime fiction has got a sterling future ahead of it. RAIN DOGS is tense, evocative, and anchored by a main character, Tom Coleman, who I'd love to see more of. A terrific novel."
Big Man Coming Down The Road (2007)
Brad Smith
"A writer to watch, a comet on the horizon."
The Guardians (2011)
Andrew Pyper
"Psychologically unnerving, moves like a bullet... outstanding in every way."
Bent Road (2011)
Lori Roy
"A remarkably assured debut novel. Rich and evocative, Lori Roy's voice is a welcome addition to American fiction."
Before I Go To Sleep (2011)
S J Watson
"An exceptional thriller. It left my nerves jangling for hours after I finished the last page."
Those Who Wish Me Dead (2012)
Michael Koryta
"A relentless, heart-in-your-throat thriller about ordinary people caught in the middle of an extraordinary nightmare."
Visitation Street (2013)
Ivy Pochoda
"Visitation Street is urban opera writ large. Gritty and magical, filled with mystery, poetry and pain. Ivy Pochoda's voice recalls Richard Price, Junot Diaz, and even Alice Sebold, yet it's indelibly her own."
In the Blood (2014)
(Hollows , book 3)
Lisa Unger
"In the Blood is an absolute corker of a thriller."
The Girl with a Clock for a Heart (2014)
Peter Swanson
"A twisty, sexy, electric thrill ride."
The Hollow Girl (2014)
(Moe Prager, book 9)
Reed Farrel Coleman
"In Reed Farrel Coleman's hands, the Moe Prager novels are turning into one of the great series in PI literature. These are soulful, beautifully written investigations into an American Dream that slipped through our fingers when no one was looking."
The Emperor's Club (2015)
Anthony Gagliano
"A welcome addition to Florida noir. The Emperor's Club if fast, Fresh, and compulsively readable."
So Say the Fallen (2016)
(DCI Serena Flanagan, book 2)
Stuart Neville
"Stuart Neville is a supernova."
The Standard Grand (2017)
Jay Baron Nicorvo
"A bracingly original writer and a joy to read."
Proving Ground (2017)
(Lourdes Robles, book 1)
Peter Blauner
"A beautifully written and relentlessly exciting thriller."
Fateful Mornings (2017)
(Henry Farrell, book 2)
Tom Bouman
"A terrific writer. Definitely one to keep an eye on."
The Blinds (2017)
Adam Sternbergh
"Adam Sternbergh is a genre-bender of the highest caliber. Part thriller, part Western, part pulpy whodunit, The Blinds is a propulsive and meaningful meditation on redemption and loss. It’s witty, electrifying, vivid, and thoroughly original."
The Current (2019)
Tim Johnston
"Tim Johnston’s second novel, The Current, is even better than his first, which is saying something. He’s a terrific writer and definitely a name to watch."

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