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Eugène Sue

(Marie-Joseph Sue)
France (1804 - 1857)

He was born in Paris, the son of a distinguished surgeon in Napoleon's army, and is said to have had the Empress Joséphine for godmother. Sue himself acted as surgeon both in the Spanish campaign undertaken by France in 1823 and at the Battle of Navarino (1828). In 1829 his father's death put him in possession of a considerable fortune, and he settled in Paris.
   Kernok the Pirate (1830)
   The Female Bluebeard (1842)
   The Mysteries of Paris (1843)
   The Wandering Jew (1844)
   Martin the Foundling (1847)
   The Seven Deadly Sins (1849)
   The Gold Sickle (1904)
     aka Hena, the Virgin of the Isle of Sen
   The Infant's Skull (1904)
     aka The End of the World
   The Brass Bell (1907)
     aka The Chariot of Death
   The Iron Collar (1909)
     aka Faustina and Syomara
   The Iron Pincers (1909)
     aka Mylio and Karvel
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Anthologies containing stories by Eugène Sue
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Short stories
Les Vampires (1842)
The Mysteries of Paris (excerpt) (1842)
The Wandering Jew's Sentence (excerpt Wandering Jew) (1844)