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Frank Herbert

USA flag (1920 - 1986)
Father of Brian Herbert

Frank Herbert was born in Tacoma, Washington and worked as a reporter and later editor of a number of West Coast newspapers before becoming a full-time writer. His first sf story was published in 1952 but he achieved fame more than ten years later with the publication in Analog of 'Dune World' and 'The Prophet of Dune' that were amalgamated in the novel Dune in 1965.

Genres: Science Fiction
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Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Frank Herbert
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Short stories
Looking for Something? (1952)
The Gone Dogs (1954)
Nightmare Blues (1954)
Operation Syndrome (1954)
Occupation Force (1955)
Rat Race (1955)
Dragon in the Sea (excerpt) (1956)
Cease Fire (1958)
A Matter of Traces (1958)
Old Rambling House (1958)
Egg and Ashes (1960)
Marie Celeste Move (1960)
The Priests of Psi [short story] (1960)
A-W-F, Unlimited (1961)
Mating Call (1961)
Try to Remember! (1961)
Mindfield (1962)
The Tactful Saboteur (1964)
Committee of the Whole (1965)
Dune (excerpt) (1965)
The GM Effect (1965)
Greenslaves (1965)
By the Book (1966)
Escape Felicity (1966)
The Primitives (1966)
The Featherbedders (1967)
The Heaven Makers [short story] (1967)
The Being Machine (1969)
Murder Will In (1970)
Seed Stock (1970)
Death of a City (1973)
Encounter in a Lonely Place (1973)
Gambling Device (1973)
The Nothing (1973)
Passage for Piano (1973)
Frogs and Scientists (1979)

Hugo Best Novel nominee (1964) : Dune
Hugo Best Novel winner (1966) : Dune
Nebula Awards Best Novel winner (1966) : Dune
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1977) : Children of Dune

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