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Pew! Pew! - A Fist Full of Pews!

(The fifth book in the Pew! Pew! series)
A collection of stories by

A Fist Full of Pews! Outrageous space opera tales that will be sure to have you firing phasers on full! Cryonite Caper by Felix R. Savage Independent freighter captain Mike Starrunner has seen it all, but when someone freezes his weapons officer into a six-foot cube of cryonite, even Mike is stumped. Who would have done this and why? And what happened to good old carbonite? On skanky, sweltering hub world Ponce de Leon, there's no shortage of suspects, but when Mike's investigation leads him to notorious smuggler Buzzz Parsec and his gang of criminal bear shifters, things get hardcore. The Chadd by Richard Parry Chad Forradel's bad day started with a scream from across the hard black, followed by too much silence to be healthy. Before he knows it, he's on an ex-war heavy lifter, trying to save the universe. Again. My Andersonia by James S. Aaron If faking an engagement to gain entry to a totalitarian regime isn't hard enough, Ngoba Starl is going to have to keep his raging hormones in check during a future version of Mardi Gras, complete with fertility poles, sex drugs and illicit line dancing... all to save a Sentient AI who may just kill him in the end. An Aeon 14 story from the wild early days of the Sentience Wars. Rogue Planets and a Bored Kitty by M. D. Cooper The Delta Team is on a new mission to save an entire planet from an icy demise after a rival steals their super-special power source. Ramsey and Cindy are on the job, while Kitty and Vampy are left behind. The only thing worse than a planet slowly freezing to death? A bored kitty. Space Girl and the Sensual Spy by Andrew Dobell Space Girl Seren Zenith, and her sarcastic robot sidekick, Humphrey McTechbot, are sent on a decidedly deadly mission to free a spy from the clutches of evil. Accompanied by a hunky military hero and a bewildered alien, nothing is as it seems, and the fate of, well, not the galaxy, or world... maybe a couple of lives that few people care about, hang in the balance? Yeah, that works! Spiffing good show old bean. A retro, ray-gun wielding and velour catsuit wearing, sexy sci-fi adventure romp through the cosmos. Making Trouble by Amy DuBoff Jack Tressler and the crew of the Little Princess II decide to try a new black market venture: covertly transporting passengers. However, they inadvertently get mixed up in an established human trafficking ring with a dangerous pirate gang known as the Blue Rabbits. Jack and his friends might just, for once, do the right thing and try to help the innocents--so long as there's still a good payday. Valentine's Day 1979: An Intergalactic Adventure by Andrew Gates It's Valentine's Day in 1979 and for Ryan Gifford, love is just the one thing he can't seem to find in the City of Brotherly Love. But after a strange encounter at the local cinema, Ryan's life suddenly takes a dramatic change when he learns he must marry an alien Princess in order to stop an intergalactic war. Whether he is ready for it or not, Ryan is thrust into a life of romance, intrigue and space aliens who don't seem to understand his '70s slang. The Unbelievers by Bill Patterson The Academy class of 2360 seemed normal, but when they entered the Fleet, strange things happened around them. Power conduits exploded. Radiation sickness killed crews. Fleet started losing the war against the Poon. Something had to be done. The 'Sixties' were recalled. Tested. Examined. The few Sixties who were... abnormal... became a weapon no Poon warrior could resist. Now it was the Poon who were falling apart. The only question that mattered to the fifteen grads who survived the mission was: how do we get home again?

Genre: Science Fiction

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