Florence Stevenson

USA flag (1922 - 1991)

aka Zandra Colt, Lucia Curzon, Zabrina Faire, Ellen Fitzgerald, Pamela Frazier
Aida (1965) (with Leonard Everett Fisher)
Ophelia (1969)
A Feast of Eggshells (1970)
Bianca (1973)
Kilmeny in the Dark Wood (1973)
Dark Odyssey (1974)
The Ides of November (1975)
A Shadow on the House (1975)
Witch's Crossing (1975)
The Curse of the Concullens (1976)
A Darkness on the Stairs (1976)
The House at Luxor (1976)
Dark Encounter (1977)
The Golden Galatea (1979)
The Midnight Match (1979) (as by Zabrina Faire)
The Romany Rebel (1979) (as by Zabrina Faire)
Enchanting Jenny (1979) (as by Zabrina Faire)
Lady Blue (1979) (as by Zabrina Faire)
Athena's Airs (1980) (as by Zabrina Faire)
Bold Pursuit (1980) (as by Zabrina Faire)
The Wicked Cousin (1980) (as by Zabrina Faire)
Moonlight Variations (1981)
Pretty Kitty (1981) (as by Zabrina Faire)
The Chadbourne Luck (1981) (as by Lucia Curzon)
Tiffany's True Love (1981) (as by Zabrina Faire)
Cactus Rose (1982) (as by Zandra Colt)
Pretender to Love (1982) (as by Zabrina Faire)
Queen of Hearts (1982) (as by Lucia Curzon)
Splendid Savage (1982) (as by Zandra Colt)
An Adverse Alliance (1982) (as by Lucia Curzon)
Mourning Bride (1982) (as by Lucia Curzon)
The Dashing Guardian (1983) (as by Lucia Curzon)
A Novel Alliance (1984) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
Lord Caliban (1985) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
The Irish Heiress (1985) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
The Dangerous Dr. Langhorne (1985) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
Rogue's Bride (1986) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
The Forgotten Marriage (1986) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
Lessons in Love (1986) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
The Heirs of Bellair (1987) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
Venetian Masquerade (1987) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
Streak of Luck (1987) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
Romany Summer (1987) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
The Gambler's Bride (1988) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
The Virtuous Mistress (1988) (as by Pamela Frazier)
Julia's Portion (1988) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
A Delicate Dilemma (1988) (as by Pamela Frazier)
Marriage by Decree (1988) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
The Gallant Coverness (1988) (as by Pamela Frazier)
Household (1989)
The Benevolent Bride (1989) (as by Pamela Frazier)
An Unwelcome Alliance (1989) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
Player Knight (1989) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
The Willful Widow (1989) (as by Pamela Frazier)
The Sisterhood (1989)
A Daring Deception (1989) (as by Pamela Frazier)
The Damsels from Derbyshire (1992) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
Ardent Apparitions (1992) (as by Ellen Fitzgerald)
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A Regency Valentine (1991) (with Jo Beverley, Carola Dunn (as by Ellen Fitzgerald) , Kitty Grey and Sheila Simonson)