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Fergus Hume

(Ferguson Wright Hume)
UK flag (1859 - 1932)

Fergusson Wright Hume, known as Fergus Hume was an English novelist. Hume was born in England, the second son of Dr James Hume. At the age of three his father emigrated with his family to New Zealand. He attended high school in Dunedin and studied law at the University of Otago, he was admitted to the New Zealand bar in 1885. Shortly after graduation he left for Melbourne, Australia where he obtained a post as a barristers' clerk. He began writing plays, but found it impossible to persuade the managers of the Melbourne theatres to accept or even read them.Hume was a capable writer of mystery stories, and may be looked upon as one of the precursors of the many writers of detective stories whose work was so popular in the twentieth century.
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1886)
Professor Brankel's Secret (1886)
Madame Midas (1888)
The Girl from Malta (1889)
The Gentleman Who Vanished (1890)
     aka The Man Who Vanished
Miss Mephistopheles (1890)
     aka Tracked by Fate
A Creature of the Night (1891)
Monsieur Judas (1891)
When I Lived in Bohemia (1891)
Whom God Hath Joined (1891)
The Year of Miracle (1891)
Aladdin in London (1892)
The Black Carnation (1892)
The Fever of Life (1892)
The Island of Fantasy (1892)
The Chinese Jar (1893)
The Harlequin Opal (1893)
The Nameless City (1893)
A Speck of the Motley (1893)
The Best of Her Sex (1894)
The Gates of Dawn (1894)
The Lone Inn (1894)
A Midnight Mystery (1894)
The Mystery of Landy Court (1894)
     aka From Thief to Detective
The Crime of Liza Jane (1895)
The White Prior (1895)
The Carbuncle Clue (1896)
The Expedition of Captain Flick (1896)
A Marriage Mystery (1896)
Tricked by a Tattoo (1896)
Claude Duval of Ninety-Five (1897)
The Tombstone Treasure (1897)
The Clock Struck One (1898)
The Devil-Stick (1898)
     aka For the Defense
Lady Jezebel (1898)
The Rainbow Feather (1898)
Under One Cover (1898)
The Indian Bangle (1899)
The Red-Headed Man (1899)
The Silent House in Pimlico (1899)
The Bishop's Secret (1900)
     aka Bishop Pendle
The Crimson Cryptogram (1900)
The Lady from Nowhere (1900)
Shylock of the River (1900)
A Traitor in London (1900)
The Vanishing of Tera (1900)
The Crime of the Crystal (1901)
The Golden Wang-Ho (1901)
     aka The Secret of the Chinese Jar
The Millionaire Mystery (1901)
The Mother of Emeralds (1901)
A Woman's Burden (1901)
The Pagan's Cup (1902)
The Turnpike House (1902)
Woman: The Sphinx (1902)
A Coin of Edward VII (1903)
The Guilty House (1903)
The Jade Eye (1903)
The Miser's Will (1903)
The Silver Bullet (1903)
The Yellow Holly (1903)
The Lonely Church (1904)
The Mandarin's Fan (1904)
The Red Window (1904)
The Wheeling Light (1904)
The White Room (1904)
The Fatal Song (1905)
Lady Jim of Curzon Street (1905)
The Opal Serpent (1905)
The Scarlet Bat (1905)
The Secret Passage (1905)
The Wooden Hand (1905)
The Black Patch (1906)
Jonah's Luck (1906)
The Mystery of the Shadow (1906)
The Purple Fern (1907)
The Yellow Hunchback (1907)
The Amethyst Cross (1908)
The Crowned Skull (1908)
Flies in the Web (1908)
The Green Mummy (1908)
The Mystery of a Motor Cab (1908)
The Sacred Herb (1908)
The Sealed Message (1908)
The Devil's Ace (1909)
The Disappearing Eye (1909)
The Solitary Farm (1909)
The Top Dog (1909)
The Lonely Subaltern (1910)
The Mikado Jewel (1910)
The Peacock of Jewels (1910)
The Spider (1910)
High Water Mark (1911)
The Jew's House (1911)
The Pink Shop (1911)
The Rectory Governess (1911)
The Steel Crown (1911)
Across the Footlights (1912)
The Blue Talisman (1912)
Mother Mandarin (1912)
The Mystery Queen (1912)
Red Money (1912)
A Son of Perdition (1912)
The Curse (1913)
In Queer Street (1913)
Seen in the Shadow (1913)
The Thirteenth Guest (1913)
The 4 PM Express (1914)
The Lost Parchment (1914)
Not Wanted (1914)
Answered (1915)
The Caretaker (1915)
The Red Bicycle (1916)
The Grey Doctor (1917)
The Silent Signal (1917)
The Black Image (1918)
Heart of Ice (1918)
Next Door (1918)
Crazy-Quilt (1919)
The Master-Mind (1919)
The Dark Avenue (1920)
The Other Person (1920)
The Singing Head (1920)
The Woman Who Held On (1920)
Three (1921)
The Unexpected (1921)
A Trick of Time (1922)
The Moth-Woman (1923)
The Whispering Lane (1924)
The Caravan Mystery (1926)
The Last Straw (1932)






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