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Peter Tremayne

(Peter Berresford Ellis)
UK flag (b.1943)

aka Peter MacAlan

Peter Tremayne is the fiction pseudonym of a well-known authority on the ancient Celts, who has utilised his knowledge of the Brehon law system and 7th-Century Irish society to create a new concept in detective fiction.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Anthologies edited
   Irish Masters of Fantasy (1979)
     aka The Wondersmith and Other Macabre Tales
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Peter Tremayne
Short stories
Son of Dracula (1943)
The Hound of Frankenstein (1977)
Dracula's Chair (1979)
The Samhain Feis (1984)
The Pooka (1985)
The Last Gift (1989)
Daoine Domhain (1992)
Bran and Branwen (1995)
The Destruction of Ker-Ys (1995)
The Ever-Living Ones (1995)
Island of the Ocean God (1995)
The Shadowy One (1995)
The Sons of Tuirenn (1995)
The Temptations of Merlin (1995)
Tewdrig, Tyrant of Treheyl (1995)
My Name Upon the Wind (1996)
The Family Curse (1997)
Night's Black Agents (1999)

Peter Tremayne recommends
The Killing Way (2009)
(Arthurian Mysteries, book 1)
Tony Hays
"A first-class, page-turning tale."
Those Who Go By Night (2018)
Andrew Gaddes
"[Gaddes is] an exciting new talent… Expertly crafted, with an impressive knowledge of the period and background, [Those Who Go By Night] is a breathless journey through the fears, superstitions, witchcraft, intolerance, and dynastic ambitions of the 14th century."

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