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Keith Stuart

KEITH STUART, author of A Boy Made of Blocks, is games editor at the Guardian. He started out as writer and features editor on the highly influential magazine Edge, before going freelance in 2000 to cover games culture for publications such as The Official PlayStation Magazine, PC Gamer, and T3, as well as investigating digital and interactive art for Frieze. He also writes about music, film and media for the Guardian, and is a regular on the Tech Weekly podcast. He is married with two sons.

Genres: General Fiction, Literary Fiction
Keith Stuart recommends
Seven Days of Us (2017)
Francesca Hornak
"An engrossing and funny study of a middle-class British family in crisis. I loved it!"
Happiness for Humans (2018)
P Z Reizin
"This is Jane Austen's Emma for the digital age."
Sal (2018)
Mick Kitson
"A genuinely wondrous novel, combining the beautiful rural detail of an Arthur Ransome adventure with a touching story of sisterhood and family trauma. The descriptions of the Scottish landscape are so resonant you can smell the pine needles. It's been a long time since I've felt this involved with a character and her struggle."

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