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Elizabeth Buchan obtained a double degree in English and History at theUniversity of Kent at Canterbury. She began her career as a blurb writer forPenguin Books, this was excellent training for an infant writer as itnecessitated reading widely through the Penguin list - fiction andnon-fiction, in order to encapsulate what a book was about. She later becamea fiction editor at Random House, in her spare time she had co-authored anadventure game book for children and also written a children's biography ofBeatrix Potter, but decided after a couple of years that she should do whatshe wished to do: write. In 1994, she became a full-time writer. Her novel"Consider the Lily" won the 1994 Novel of the Year Award from the RomanticNovelists' Association, and she was elected its eighteenth Chairman(1995-1997). She has sat on the committee for the Society of Authors and wasChairman of the judges for the 1997 Betty Trask Award and a judge for the1997 Whitbread Awards. She also writes reviews for the main nationalnewspapers of Great Britain, including The Times and the Mail on Sunday. Herbestselling novel "Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman" has been made into atelevision film for CBS.

Elizabeth Buchan lives in London with her two children and her husband.

Genres: General Fiction, Historical
Two Mrs Lloyd
1. Revenge of the Middle-aged Woman (2002)
2. The Second Wife (2006)
     aka Wives Behaving Badly
Non fiction
Romantic Novel of the Year Award Best Novel winner (1994) : Consider the Lily

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Juliette Mead
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An Empty Room (2003)
Talitha Stevenson
"An Empty Room tells us something significant about the furies and hurts of first love."
Neptune's Daughter (2005)
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Beachcombing (2009)
Maggie Dana
"A sparklingly attractive novel written with humour, brio and a refreshing unsentimentality."
Drowning Rose (2011)
Marika Cobbold
"A sharp, funny and dazzlingly clever novel ... but, don't be misled by its exuberance, there is a serious purpose at its heart - and courage in tackling one of society's most enduring myths..."
The Second Child (2018)
Caroline Bond
"Caroline Bond takes a complex situation and has written a thoughtful, wrenching and, at times, tear-jerking novel."
The Hour of Separation (2018)
Katharine McMahon
"Intense and emotional, The Hour of Separation takes us deep into the shadows cast by violence and conflict. Terrific."

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