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Genres: Historical
Janet Skeslien Charles recommends
While Paris Slept (2021)
Ruth Druart
"As writers, some stories keep us up at night with the need to get them down on paper. Ruth Druart has one such tale. We met in 2006, and I read pages of her story then. She never let go and never gave up. Thanks to this tenacity, her heartbreaking debut will be published in several languages. It will appeal to fans of The Light Between Oceans as well as to readers fascinated by novels set in World War II. While Paris Slept delves into eternal questions: how far will we go to protect our child? Is love holding tightly or letting go? The characters -- and readers -- must choose between what is right and what is best in this mediation on love and sacrifice."
Geography of an Adultery (2022)
Agnès Riva
"The focus of Agnes Riva's compelling novel, Geography of an Adultery, is not on an affair but on the impact of place. Who we are is defined by where we are. Through the eyes of Ema, the reader feels the tension between passion and pulling back, between desire and the fear of being caught. Ultimately, the terrain explored is of a woman's needs, a couple's clandestine fantasies, and the shifting boundaries within relationships"
A Ballad of Love and Glory (2022)
Reyna Grande
"Meticulously researched, Reyna Grande's A Ballad of Love and Glory is a timely and fascinating novel about courage, love, and loyalty. It captivated me from the first line to its end. Days after I finished the book, I kept reflecting on the parallels with our world today."
Looking for Jane (2022)
Heather Marshall
"A beautifully written meditation on the lengths mothers will go to for their children as well as an eye-opening history of women."
Bluebird (2022)
Genevieve Graham
"From the battlefields of World War I to Prohibition-era Canada, Bluebird swept me away. Once again, Genevieve Graham writes brilliantly about how the past impacts the present. This meticulously researched page-turner will keep you reading into the night."
Bloomsbury Girls (2022)
Natalie Jenner
"A timely and beautiful ode to ambition, friendship, bookshops, and the written word."
On Gin Lane (2022)
Brooke Lea Foster
"On Gin Lane begins as a languid, sensual glimpse into the lives of women in the late 1950s until a shocking event - and the ensuing investigation - ratchets up the tension. The book is at once a page-turner that kept me reading into the night, and a reminder of the importance of carving out a place for ourselves, whether it is by creating art or finding where we belong."
Mademoiselle Revolution (2022)
Zoe Sivak
"This beautifully written book encompasses so much--family ties, sibling resentment, racism, questions about belonging, and the meaning of love. With her meticulous research and keen insights, Zoe Sivak had me happily diving back into French history and turning the pages into the night."

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