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L.J. SMITH, Lisa Jane Smith, is the New York Times #1 Bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, Wildworld and Night World L.J. SMITH, Lisa Jane Smith, is the New York Times #1 Bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, Wildworld and Night World series. She has written over two dozen books for children and young adults, and has enjoyed writing every one of them. She lives in the Bay Area of California, with a backyard that is full of flowers, which she adores, especially with many different shades of roses.

She loves to visit a friend's little cabin in the Point Reyes National Seashore area, which has lots of trees, lots of animals, lots of beaches to walk on, and lots of places to hike. Once, while hiking, she saw a snow-white buck which allowed her to follow it nearly half a mile. She also likes to collect things: angels (they remind her of her late mother), tiny boxes from different countries or of fanciful shape, nineteenth century children's literature, and books about quantum physics--especially about the mystery of the dark energy in the universe. A militant optimist, she is also part of the Velociraptor Sisterhood (a fancy way of saying that she likes to read, write and discuss books with strong female characters), and she has traveled extensively in Europe and the Far East. The two countries she loves to visit most are Great Britain, with its historic monuments and amazing country landscapes, and Japan, with its bustling urban life and exquisite mountain scenery.

Her favorite people are her readers, each of whom she cherishes with deep and lasting affection.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
   1. The Night of the Solstice (1987)
   2. Heart of Valor (1990)
Vampire Diaries
   1. The Awakening (1991)
   2. The Struggle (1991)
   3. The Fury (1991)
   4. Dark Reunion (1992)

     aka The Reunion

Secret Circle
   1. The Initiation (1992)
   2. The Captive (1992)
   3. The Power (1992)
   4. The Divide (2012) (with Aubrey Clark)
   5. The Hunt (2012) (with Aubrey Clark)
   6. The Temptation (2013) (with Aubrey Clark)
Forbidden Game
   1. The Hunter (1994)
   2. The Chase (1994)
   3. The Kill (1994)
Dark Visions
   1. The Strange Power (1994)
   2. The Possessed (1995)
   3. The Passion (1995)
Night World
   1. Secret Vampire (1996)
     aka Night World
   2. Daughters of Darkness (1996)
   3. Spellbinder (1996)

     aka Enchantress

   4. Dark Angel (1996)
   5. The Chosen (1997)
   6. Soulmate (1997)
   7. Huntress (1997)
   8. Black Dawn (1997)
   9. Witchlight (1998)
   The Ultimate Fan Guide (2009)
   10. Strange Fate (2010)
Vampire Diaries: The Return
   1. Nightfall (2009)
   2. Shadow Souls (2010)
   3. Midnight (2011)
Vampire Diaries : Stefan's Diaries (with Julie Plec)
   1. Origins (2010)
   2. Bloodlust (2011)
   3. The Craving (2011)
   4. The Ripper (2011)
   5. The Asylum (2012)
   6. The Compelled (2012)
Vampire Diaries: The Hunters
   1. Phantom (2011)
     aka The Vampire Diaries: Volume 8
   2. Moonsong (2012)
     aka The Vampire Diaries: Volume 9
   3. Destiny Rising (2012)
     aka The Vampire Diaries: Volume 10
Vampire Diaries: The Salvation Trilogy (with Aubrey Clark)
   1. Unseen (2013)
   2. Unspoken (2013)
   3. Unmasked (2012)
L J Smith recommends
Magician's Muse (2010)
(Seer , book 6)
Linda Joy Singleton
"I have a few favorites in YA fiction. Linda Joy Singleton is at the front of the list."
The Hollow (2009)
(Hollow, book 1)
Jessica Verday
"Spectacular! The Hollow keeps you reading from beginning to end without coming up for air?"
Evernight (2008)
(Evernight, book 1)
Claudia Gray
"Once I picked up Evernight up, I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for Claudia Gray's next book!"

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