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R B Schow

A pseudonym used by Ryan Schow

R.B. Schow is a USA Today Bestselling Author and full time writer. As a real life second-degree black belt and adrenaline junky, he's drawn to books, movies and TV featuring gritty, capable characters who are admirable but flawed, and eventually willing and able to go knuckle-to-knuckle with the most formidable of adversaries.
That said, the best characters are always rich with personality but struggling under the weight of some internal strife. Sprinkle in some chaos and muddy the waters between right and wrong, and to him you have a compelling tale.

New Books
Atlas Hargrove
   1. The Tears of Odessa (2020)
   2. The Beasts of Juarez (2021)
   3. The Betrayal of Prague (2021)
   4. The Devil In Cologne (2022)
   5. The Butcher of Caracas (2022)
   6. The Martyr of Nogales (2023)

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