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Rochelle Staab is a Los Angeles mystery writer who can be found most afternoons at her computer, plotting fictional murders and breaking fictional curses.Rochelle displayed a flair for the dramatic early in life. As a child in Milwaukee, she performed pop music by microphone (a hairbrush) and built a personal library filled with a diverse selection of titles (comic books and Nancy Drew mysteries.) She appreciated the nuance and influence of small screen cinema (television.) She also loved school. Her front row desk was her stage; her textbooks served as her script. She recited each line to perfection, but repeating the words of others was not enough. She dreamed of becoming a novelist and informed everyone who would listen that one day she would write books.But, as all creative types know, Rochelle had other things to do first. Rochelle is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, Sisters In Crime, International Thriller Writers, NARAS, and Mensa.

Genres: Mystery
Mind for Murder Mystery
1. Who Do, Voodoo? (2011)
2. Bruja Brouhaha (2012)
3. Hex on the Ex (2013)
A Mind for Murder (omnibus) (2018)
Agatha Award Best First Novel nominee (2011) : Who Do, Voodoo?
Anthony Awards Best First Novel nominee (2012) : Who Do, Voodoo?