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Suzanne Fisher Staples worked for many years as a United Press International Correspondent in Hong Kong, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. She has also worked on the news desk of The Washington Post. During her years in Pakistan she became involved with the nomads of the Cholistan Desert, who are the main characters in Daughter of the Wind. "It was the unfailing generosity and courage of the people of Cholistan that inspired me to write this book," she says. "They are an extraordinary people - noble and generous, though they have no material wealth, full of great dignity and honour." The customs and conditions of the nomads may seem very foreign to Western readers but, says the author, "their lifestyle is very relevant to people in our society because even though, by comparison, most of us have all the freedom in the world, we still have many of the same conflicts: the way we face up to the expectations of our families, the influences that pull us in many different directions, and the way we feel about it all. These are the same." Suzanne Fisher Staples lives in Chatanooga, Tennessee.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
Newbery Medal Best Novel nominee (1990) : Shabanu : Daughter of the Wind