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Eric Thomson

Eric Thomson is the pen name of a retired Canadian soldier with thirty-one years of service, both in the Regular Army and the Army Reserve. He spent his Regular Army career in the Infantry and his Reserve service in the Armoured Corps. After several years as an information technology specialist, he retired to become a full-time author.

Eric has been a voracious reader of science-fiction, military fiction and history all his life. Several years ago, he put fingers to keyboard and started writing his own military sci-fi, with a definite space opera slant, using many of his own experiences as a soldier as an inspiration for his stories and characters.

When he's not writing fiction, Eric indulges in his other passions: photography, hiking and scuba diving, all of which he shares with his wife, who likes to call herself his #1 fan.

Genres: Science Fiction
New Books
Decker's War
   1. Death Comes But Once (2014)
   2. Cold Comfort (2015)
   3. Fatal Blade (2016)
   4. Howling Stars (2016)
   5. Black Sword (2017)
   6. No Remorse (2018)
   7. Hard Strike (2019)
Siobhan Dunmoore
   1. No Honor in Death (2014)
   2. The Path of Duty (2015)
   3. Like Stars in Heaven (2016)
   4. Victory's Bright Dawn (2017)
   5. Without Mercy (2018)
   6. When the Guns Roar (2019)
   7. A Dark and Dirty War (2021)
   8. On Stormy Seas (2022)
Constabulary Casefiles
   1. The Warrior's Knife (2017)
   2. A Colonial Murder (2020)
   3. The Dirty and the Dead (2022)
   4. A Peril So Dire (2023)
Ashes of Empire
   1. Imperial Sunset (2018)
   2. Imperial Twilight (2019)
   3. Imperial Night (2020)
   4. Imperial Echoes (2021)
   5. Imperial Ghosts (2022)
Ghost Squadron
   1. We Dare (2019)
   2. Deadly Intent (2020)
   3. Die Like the Rest (2021)
   4. Fear No Darkness (2023)

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