Seldon Truss

(Leslie Seldon Truss)
UK flag (1892 - 1990)

aka George Selmark
   The Stolen Millionaire (1929)
   The Hunterstone Outrage (1931)
   Turmoil At Brede (1931)
   The Coroner Presides (1932)
   Escort to Danger (1935)
   Rooksmiths (1936)
     aka Deadline for a Diplomat
   Foreign Bodies (1938)
   Murder in Silence (1939) (as by George Selmark)
   Why Slug a Postman (1950)
   The Other Side of the Wall (1954)
   A Store of Wrath (1956)
   A Man to Match the Hour (1959)
   One Man's Enemies (1960)
   Eyes At the Window (1966) (as by George Selmark)
   The Bride That Got Away (1967) (as by George Selmark)
   Hands of the Shadow (1968)
   Corpse That Got Away (1969)
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Anthologies containing stories by Seldon Truss
Short stories
Hugo and the Unnatural Mother