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Beth Underdown

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Beth Underdown was born in Rochdale in 1987. She studied at the University of York and then the University of Manchester, where she is now a Lecturer in Creative Writing.

The Witchfinder's Sister is her first novel and is based on the life of the 1640s witch finder Matthew Hopkins, whom she first came across while reading a book about seventeenth-century midwifery. As you do.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Beth Underdown recommends
Exhibit Alexandra (2018)
Natasha Bell
"A smart, confident thriller, Exhibit Alexandra asks searching questions about motherhood and identity, and keeps you guessing to the very last page. Natasha Bell writes thought-provokingly about home, love, belonging - and what else a woman might want from life."
The Story Keeper (2018)
Anna Mazzola
"A fierce and poignant novel, about superstitions & everything they conceal. For the last few chapters I was holding my breath..."
Keeper (2020)
Jessica Moor
"Pacy, absorbing and electric in its detail...Men should read this book, and I'd be shocked to meet a woman who doesn't find some part of herself here."
The Leviathan (2022)
Rosie Andrews
"An outstanding historical debut, which blends emotional resonance with the chill factor of an M R James story. Utterly compelling from start to finish, The Leviathan is a seething, haunting delight."

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