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Frances Quinn

Frances Quinn read English at Cambridge, and is a journalist and copy-editor. She completed the Curtis Brown Creative Course in 2015. The Smallest Man is her debut novel.

Genres: Historical

Frances Quinn recommends
On Hampstead Heath (2021)
Marika Cobbold
"Just finished and loved On Hampstead Heath by Marika Cobbold clever and funny with a splinter of melancholy running through it. It's a superb read."
The Stranger From Berlin (2021)
Melissa Amateis
"I love historical fiction that takes a period we think we know, and finds an unexplored element - this is an intriguing glimpse into smalltown America in WWII, wrapped up in a thoroughly gripping mystery."
The Hidden Child (2021)
Louise Fein
"An astonishing story about an aspect of British history that's long been swept under the carpet – surprising, moving and poignant."
Black Drop (2021)
Leonora Nattrass
"Nattrass writes so beautifully. Absolutely compelling, and so atmospheric I felt I was there, following Jago around the mean streets of eighteenth-century London."
On the Edge (2021)
(Jen Shaw, book 1)
Jane Jesmond
"Thoroughly original - hooks you in from the start and keeps you guessing."
The Lost Chapter (2022)
Caroline Bishop
"Beautifully drawn characters and a story so intriguing it kept me one-more-chaptering till late into the night."
Miss Aldridge Regrets (2022)
(Canary Club Mystery, book 1)
Louise Hare
"Glamour and grit combine in this smartly plotted, wonderfully atmospheric historical murder mystery, with a heroine I won't forget. I loved it."
Theatre of Marvels (2022)
Lianne Dillsworth
"Fresh, original and full of atmosphere - a compelling story with a heroine I'll remember for a long time."
That Green Eyed Girl (2022)
Julie Owen Moylan
"This book ... wow. So beautifully written, you feel you're there in New York, feeling everything the characters feel. A very original story that will stay with me for a long time."

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