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Emma Jane Unsworths first novel Hungry, the Stars and Everything (Hidden Gem) won a Betty Trask Award from the Society of Authors and was shortlisted for the Portico Prize 2012. Her short story I Arrive First was included in The Best British Short Stories 2012 (Salt). She has worked as a journalist, a columnist for The Big Issue, and a barmaid. Her second novel Animals was published by Canongate in May 2014 and won a Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize 2015. She is writing a third novel, as well as the screenplay of Animals, which has been optioned by BAFTA-nominated producer Sarah Brocklehurst and awarded development funding by the BFI.

Genres: General Fiction
   Hungry, the Stars and Everything (2011)
   Animals (2014)
   Grown Ups (2020)
     aka Adults
Non fiction
   After the Storm (2021)
Betty Trask Award Best First Novel winner (2011) : Hungry, the Stars and Everything
Betty Trask Award Best First Novel nominee (2012) : Hungry, the Stars and Everything

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The Gods of Love (2018)
(Frida McKenzie, book 1)
Nicola Mostyn
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The Water Cure (2018)
Sophie Mackintosh
"Otherworldly, brutal and poetic: a feminist fable set by the sea, a female Lord of the Flies. It felt like a book I'd been waiting to read for a long time."
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Emma Gannon
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