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Rowan Hisayo Buchanan is a Japanese-British-Chinese-American writer. She has a BA from Columbia University, an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is currently working on a PhD at the University of East Anglia. Her writing has appeared in, among other places, NPR's Selected Shorts, TriQuarterly, and the Tin House Open Bar. She has lived in London, New York, Tokyo, Madison, and Norwich.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Anthologies edited
   Go Home! (2018)
Betty Trask Award Best First Novel nominee (2017) : Harmless Like You
Desmond Elliott Prize Best Book nominee (2017) : Harmless Like You
Costa Book Awards Best Novel nominee (2019) : Starling Days

Rowan Hisayo Buchanan recommends
The End We Start From (2017)
Megan Hunter
"The End We Start From is relentlessly, achingly personal. Hunter reminds us that disasters are rarely experienced in panorama. Instead, we live bone-deep inside our narrator. This book is fierce, sorrowful, and spiked with moments of bright joy."
The Immortalists (2018)
Chloe Benjamin
"Benjamin is at turns funny, tragic, informative, and mystical. And, like a good magic act, you'll be wondering what on earth she'll pull out of the hat next. The Immortalists demands to be discussed, dissected, and pondered long after reading."
The House of Impossible Beauties (2018)
Joseph Cassara
"Joy and loss clutch hands in The House of Impossible Beauties. It is a tragic book, a lyrical book, a defiant book, and ultimately a loving book. The heroines and heroes hold fast to love and Cassara clearly has deep love for every character who struts across these pages."
Ponti (2018)
Sharlene Teo
"Ponti is darkly hilarious. It offers up all the anxiety, snark, sadness, and wonder of being a teenager. Teo guides us through the grunge of growing up. She asks what it means to be a monster and what it means to be beautiful. Is it possible to be both?"
Convenience Store Woman (2018)
Sayaka Murata
"Convenience Store Woman is snarky and tender. It shows a woman trying to puzzle out how to be normal. This brilliant book will resonate with all of us who find life a little strange."
The Island Child (2020)
Molly Aitken
"Aitken stitches together many themes--folk-legend, family saga, love story, coming of age tale. The result is the sort of book you want to sink into a hot bath with and not emerge until it's finished."
The Cat and The City (2020)
Nick Bradley
"The Cat and The City is a love letter to Japan and its literature. Bradley's passion for everything from onigiri to Tanizaki's short stories is woven into this book. Bradley was for a time an ex-pat and his insight into their perching state is particularly intriguing. He is also very clearly a man with a great tenderness for cats."
Open Water (2021)
Caleb Azumah Nelson
"Open Water is about defiance, mourning, art and music. It is an ode to being a full human being in a society that does not see you that way. It is about clinging to love in a world heavy with injustice and violence. There is not a wasted page."
Common Ground (2021)
Naomi Ishiguro
"A writer whose voice i hope to be following for many years to come."

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