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Daisy Buchanan is an award winning journalist and the author of the critically acclaimed book How To Be A Grown Up. She's a regular contributor to TV and radio, frequently appearing on Woman's Hour, Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Sky News and the Today programme. Daisy writes for a wide range of publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, Grazia, Marie Claire and The Pool, covering everything from pop culture to mental health with a feminist perspective. She's a TEDx speaker, giving advice on how to get through the trickiest parts of your twenties in her talk How To Survive A Quarter Life Crisis. Daisy has been Grazia's in house agony aunt, writing the popular Dear Daisy column, and she’s currently the title’s Reality TV correspondent, covering Made In Chelsea with her tongue firmly in her cheek.

Genres: Romance, Literary Fiction
   Insatiable (2021)
   Careering (2022)
Daisy Buchanan recommends
My Lemon Grove Summer (2019)
Jo Thomas
"I absolutely adored it. Zelda is such a captivating and inspiring heroine, and I love the way that Jo's writing combines such gorgeous escapism with pure emotional honesty."
This Green and Pleasant Land (2019)
Ayisha Malik
"A gorgeous, funny, smart, uplifting story about seeking unity during times of division. Wish I could prescribe it to the country."
Inheritance (2019)
Jenny Eclair
"I truly LOVED this book. Jenny Eclair said one of her favourite sub genres of literature is 'posh people behaving badly' and this absolutely delivers. Smart, heart-breaking, moving and captivating with plenty of deliciously waspish social commentary."
The Confession (2019)
Jessie Burton
"Her best yet, I’m dazzled by it . . . it’s ambitious and courageous in its scope and I was thrilled and emboldened. The Confession is clever, assured and compelling and I am deeply jealous of every reader who has it all ahead of them."
The Accidental Love Letter (2019)
Olivia Beirne
"A hilarious, heart-warming read."
Monogamy (2020)
Sue Miller
"One of the most emotionally truthful novels I have ever read."
The Education of Ivy Edwards (2020)
Hannah Tovey
"Smart, bittersweet and extremely funny . . . so perceptive and REAL."
Scenes of a Graphic Nature (2020)
Caroline O'Donoghue
"Scenes Of A Graphic Nature is a truly extraordinary novel - I inhaled it. It's thrillingly dark, but so moving and human - it's one of the most intelligent, well observed depictions of lust, loss, envy, betrayal, friendship and love that I've ever read. Charlie is so real, courageous, vulnerable, infuriating and adorable. The book itself mirrors Charlie's experience of Ireland - sometimes it's warm and joyous, sometimes it's hostile and terrifying, but even when you know you're in danger, you want to stay for longer and fall even deeper into the pages."
True Story (2020)
Kate Reed Petty
"I loved it. Such a smart, powerful, ambitious book, very high concept and so effectively realised. Definitely one to look out for this summer."
The Push (2021)
Ashley Audrain
"I was gripped . . . One of 2021's most anticipated books . . . Dazzling and gloriously complete."

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