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Barbara Victor is a journalist who has covered the Middle East for most of her career. She is also the author of four novels, which have been translated into twenty-two languages, and six nonfiction works. Her most recent nonfiction work is Women Suicide Bombers, which will coincide with her television film documentary on women suicide bombers in the Occupied Territories and Gaza. Ms. Victor and her husband divide their time between Paris and New York.
Non fiction
   A Voice Of Reason (1994)
   Hanan Ashrawi (1995)
   Getting Away with Murder (1996) (with Raoul Felder)
   The Lady (1998)
   Goddess (2001)
   Army of Roses (2003)
   The Last Crusade (2005)
   Charlotte Rampling (2009)
   The Good Divorce (2011) (with Raoul Felder)