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Sarah England is a UK based fiction writer. Originally a registered nurse, she then worked in medical sales and marketing, specialising in psychiatry - a theme which creeps into much of her work. Sarah has over 160 short stories and serials in magazines & newspapers to date, and most recently a trilogy of occult horrors published with Authors Reach. 'Father of Lies' is Book1, 'Tanners Dell' is the next, and 'Magda' is the final part, newly launched in October 2016. .

Genres: Horror, Mystery
   3am and Wide Awake (2013)
   Essence of Humour: Stories to Make You Smile (2013)
   Thrice Upon A Time (2014) (with Edward Ahern, Sheila Crosby, Christine Genovese, Denise Jay, Joel Kaye, Rosemary J. Kind, Fiona Law, Linda Lewis (Linda Kay), Regan W. H. Macaulay, Henry Mitchell, Jacqui Pack, Margaret Pearce, Paul Peppers, Angela Pickering, Peter Pitt, Rosemary Sturge and Iris Woodbury)
   The Witching Hour (2017)