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Grace wrote her first book when she was about eleven. It was called Stories For Everyone and she described it in a recent newspaper article:

A self-published work with a print run of one copy, it featured a woman, a horse and a puppy on the cardboard cover, and the singer John Paul Jones on the back. It contained two stories. One was about my pony Merrylegs and another was about the joys of nature, so it didnt quite live up to its title. But Mum and Dad liked it. Encouragement is invaluable to a budding authorThough I still adore ponies and nature these days I have extended my subject-matter. For example womens lives fascinate me. And writing about them helps me to make sense of my own experiences. Whats more, I make all sorts of new friends as I type the chapters. Characters sometimes just seem to turn up, and I greet them hoping that they will share their hopes and disappointments, their fears and dreams and perplexities. I love intimacy in ordinary lifepeople who seem to understand. People I dont have to pretend with. And thats what the characters in my novels ask of my friendship with them. They want to take off their masks and tell it how it truly is. Sometimes male characters do this too and I almost fall in love with them. For example I find Charlie in Ordinary Miracles deeply fanciable. And Nathaniel in The Truth Club would make a most wonderful confidant.