Howard Wandrei

USA flag (1909 - 1956)
Brother of Donald Wandrei

Howard Elmer Wandrei was a US artist and writer. He wrote over 200 stories that appeared in the magazines Weird Tales. Astounding, Esquire, Black Mask and others. Wandrei is better remembered for his illustrations many of which were included in the books of his brother, Donald Wandrei. Several collections of Wandrei's stories were announced as forthcoming from Arkham House but were not published by Arkham House. Fedogan & Bremer has published several collections of Wandrei's stories using some of the same titles as the proposed Arkham House publications.
Anthologies containing stories by Howard Wandrei
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Short stories
Over Time's Threshold (1932)
The God Box (1934)
In the Triangle (1934)
The Other (1934)
The Wall (1934)
Exit Willy Carney (1935)
The Hand of the O'Mecca (1935)
Macklin's Little Friend (1936)
The Eerie Mr Murphy (1937)
The Glass Coffin (1937)
Here Lies (1937)
Master-the-Third (1937)
Don't Go Haunting (1939)
The Hexer (1939)
The Missing Ocean (1939)
The Monocle (1939)
O Little Nightmare! (1939)
The Black Farm (1940)
After You, Montague (1971)
'Tis Claude (1995)
Time Burial [short story] (1996)