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Paul Wolfe

Paul Wolfe created and directed, along with Lisa, the AOK in Recovery Center in Newark, Ohio. Pauls work at the center showed him the need for trained counselors in the addiction recovery field, and today, he is finishing a degree in psychology with plans to again work in the addiction recovery field and help other victims of abuse remold their lives and find the healthy balance that Paul has been able to attain. The Wolfes Den starts at the beginning of his life in 1968 and goes into Pauls early twenties. It is written in the third person, as Paul recalls his childhood as if a film of abuse and violence is unfolding before him. Many of the names and locations in this first book have been changed in order to protect the identity and privacy of other people. A second book titled Out of the Den into the Woods picks up in Pauls early twenties and provides a first-person account of his travels through addictions, near death, and prison life up to the age of thirty. The third book, Life Is AOK, will begin at age thirty and portray the end of his addiction as Paul learns to forgive himself and as his life moves on a path to recovery through forgiveness, love, and plenty of hard work. Paul is currently dedicating his life to helping the next recovering addict.