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Edmund White

USA flag (b.1940)

Edmund Valentine White III is an American novelist, short-story writer and critic. He is a member of the faculty of Princeton University's Program in Creative Writing.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Edmund White recommends
The Hurry-Up Song (1995)
Clifford Chase
"I read this book straight through, hypnotized by its scrupulous sincerity."
What I Did Wrong (2006)
John Weir
"Extraordinary... among other things one of the best books about how ordinary folks live in New York now."
The Language of Houses (2014)
Alison Lurie
"Alison Lurie, in her lucid, jargon-free way, allows us to read what architecture is saying. She has culled the best ideas from a vast secondary literature and passed it all through the sieve of her brilliant mind."
North Facing (2017)
Tony Peake
"This beautiful, moving novel is vast in how much it recounts and how deeply it makes us feel."
The Devoted (2018)
Blair Hurley
"Blair Hurley’s first novel is a sharp-eyed account of the psychological and sexual hold a spiritual ‘master’ can get on a lost young woman. What could have seemed like a fable in other hands, in Hurley’s is mordant and convincing. A spectacular debut!"
The Stranger Game (2018)
Peter Gadol
"Imagine a metaphysical thriller inspired by Patrick Modiano and illustrated by Giorgio Di Chirico and you’ll have an idea of this enigmatic novel, The Stranger Game."

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