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Sharon Wagner

USA flag (b.1936)

aka Blythe Stephens

American author. Born in 1936. Prolific writer of young adult novels, mainly  mysteries, and also of adult romances and gothic romances. Some of her young adult books feature horses, including  the well-loved Gypsy series which is a traditional series with a mystery element.  Sharon Wagner additionally writes as Blythe Stephens, although I don't think she wrote any equine themed novels under that name.

Genres: Romance
   Prairie Wind (1968)
     aka Prairie Lady
   Curse of Still Valley (1969)
   The Dude Ranch Mystery (1969)
   Country of the Wolf (1970)
   Maridu (1970)
   Circle of Evil (1971)
   Moonwind (1972)
   House of Shadows (1972)
   The Cove Of Darkness (1973)
   Cry of the Cat (1973)
   Shadow on the Sun (1973)
   Haitian Legacy (1974)
   Roses From Yesterday (1974)
   Satan's Acres (1974)
   Colors of Death (1974)
   Shades of Evil (1974)
   Havenhurst (1975)
   The Turuoise Talisman (1975)
   The Dark Side of Paradise (1975)
   Dark Waters of Death (1975)
   Dark Sun At Midnight (1976)
   Bride of the Dullahan (1976)
   Echoes of an Ancient Love (1976)
   Love's Broken Promises (1978)
   House of Doom, House of Desire (1980)
   Embraces (1980)
   The Haunted Honeymoon (1980)
   The Chadwicks of Arizona (1981)
   Charade of Love (1982)
   Jaquelle's Shadow (1982)
   Journey to Paradise (1982)
   Tour of Love (1983)
   Strangers Who Love (1983)
   Change Partners (1983)
   Gypsy & the Moonstone Stallion (1984)
   Secrets (1988)
   Rainbow Days (1989) (as by Blythe Stephens)
   The Lost Lilacs of Latimer House (1990)
   Gift of Mischief (1991) (as by Blythe Stephens)
   Wake to Darkness (1992) (as by Blythe Stephens)
   Moon over Black Bayou (1993)
   Dark Cloister (1994) (as by Blythe Stephens)
   Moonglow (1995)
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