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Thomas A Watson was born in Bossier City, Louisiana, in 1970, and grew up in Doyline, Louisiana and Grenada, Mississippi. He was the assistant manager of W.C. Plastics in Grenada Mississippi for several years before joining the U.S Army, he was stationed at Bad Hersfeld, Germany. After serving fours years in the Army, he returned to W.C. Plastics where he was the acting manager for four years.

He attended Holmes Community College in the evenings while working at W.C Plastics, taking core classes. He moved back to Bossier City area to be closer to his and his wife's family and attended Northwestern State University in Shreveport, Louisiana, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After working 10 years as an emergency room nurse in and around Shreveport, he and his wife and two children, moved to Missoula, Montana.

Watson, meet his wife Tina in Grenada, Mississippi, they will celebrate 25 years of marriage in May of 2015. They have three children, Nicholas, Khristian and Phillip. Watson, penned his first book in January of 2012, after moving to Missoula, Montana. His parents, Larry Watson and Kay Boykin, instilled the love of reading at a very early age. He has read and enjoyed most genres. His first published book Blue Plague: The Fall was released on Amazon and Createspace in August 2012.

Watson, signed a publishing contract with Winlock Press a division of Permuted Press in December of 2014. His Blue Plague series and Dark Titan series will be re-released in 2015 under Winlock Press.

Genres: Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller
Blue Plague
   1. The Fall (2017)
   2. Survival (2017)
   3. Sacrifice (2015)
   4. Rage (2015)
   5. Decisions (2015)
   6. War (2015)
   7. Hope (2016)
Forgotten Forbidden America
   1. Rise of Tyranny (2015)
   2. Patriots Reborn (2016)
   3. Storm Front (2017)
   4. Revolution (2018) (with Tina D Watson)
   5. Sin Eaters (2019)
   6. Sinners (2020)
   7. Highway to Hell (2021)
   8. Sin Consumed (2021)
Bonner Incident (with Michael L Rider)
   1. The Bonner Incident (2016)
   2. Joshua's War (2016)
Viral Misery
   1. Viral Misery (2017) (with Tina D Watson)
   2. Miracles (2019) (with Tina D Watson)
   3. Revelations (2020) (with Tina Watson)
Behind the Curtain (with M C Allen and William Allen)
   1. Stolen Liberty (2018)