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Larry Correia is hopelessly addicted to two things, guns and B-horror movies. He is part owner of FBMG (Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns), a business specializing in firearms and movie props. He shoots competitively and is a certified concealed weapons instructor. He resides in Utah with his very patient wife and family.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Series contributed to
Iron Kingdoms
2. Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season Two, Volume Two (2014) (with Richard Lee Byers and Josh Vogt)
Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Two (2014) (with William Shick and Howard Tayler)
Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Four (2014) (with Darla Kennerud and Douglas Seacat)
Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Six (2014) (with Erik Scott de Bie and Michael G Ryan)
Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One Collection (2014) (with Erik Scott de Bie, Orrin Grey, Darla Kennerud, Aeryn Rudel, Michael G Ryan, Douglas Seacat, William Shick and Howard Tayler)
Anthologies edited
John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (2011) : Monster Hunter International
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2014) : Warbound

Larry Correia recommends
Bad Penny (2013)
(Frank Shaw, book 1)
John D Brown
Witchy Eye (2017)
(Witchy, book 1)
D J Butler
"Excellent book. I am impressed by the creativity and the depth of the world building. Dave Butler is a great storyteller."
War and Craft (2017)
(American Craftsman, book 3)
Tom Doyle
"A cool, original take on old school magic."
Sins of Her Father (2018)
(Brother's Keeper , book 2)
Mike Kupari
"Mike Kupari is an awesome storyteller."
Invisible Wars (2019)
Larry Correia and Mike Kupari
"A gun person who likes science fiction-or, heck, anyone who likes science fiction-will enjoy(his books)..."

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