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The Lightstone:Books 1-2

(A book in the Ea Cycle series)
An omnibus of novels by

A born warrior who cannot bear to go to war, a master of the sword who cannot kill his enemies without feeling the pain of death himself . . . .

Valashu Elahad, seventh son of a king and a descendent of the Valari Star People who settled the world of Ea long ago, comes to manhood late in the Age of the Dragon. It is a dark time of war and the dashed dreams of long-lost ages. The peoples of Ea have forgotten their purpose of becoming immortal Elijin, who, in turn, through disciplines of the body and spirit, evolve into the Galadin: great, luminous beings who can never be killed. They have also mostly forgotten how to use the lost gelstei jewels that power the interstellar civilization they know little of. Val, who is blessed (or cursed?) with empathy for all living things, would like nothing more than to become a great scholar, play his flute, and learn of these matters. But once again Morjin, the fallen Elijin, is seeking the way to free Angra Mainyu, the Lord of Lies imprisoned on the world of Damoom for a million years. Once again, the free peoples of Ea will be called to fight to the death if they do not want to see their world destroyed.

Strangely, though, it is also a time of light. For the earth and sun have once again entered the Golden Band and Ea’s greatest king has called a quest to find the Lightstone: the great golden gelstei that can restore the ruined civilization that Ea has become. Fate impels Val to set out with his companions into the heart of darkness in order to recover the Lightstone. Greatness of soul is needed in order even to perceive the golden cup, and this Val must achieve before fighting the most desperate of fights. For Morjin seeks the golden cup, too, and he hounds Val all across Ea. Val knows that he must someday face the fallen angel in battle, but he is afraid, for a great scryer has foretold that: “His fate is yours. If you kill him, you kill yourself . . . . “

The Lightstone opens the internationally acclaimed Ea Cycle. If you enjoy fast-paced adventure, a startling new cosmology, and an intricately-made world as rich as Tolkien’s and with all the magic of an Arthurian romance, you’ll love this book.

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Genre: Fantasy

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