Dominic Adler

Dominic Adler was born and worked in the parts of London you don't read about in tour guides. Five years in the Army Reserves and twenty-five more in Law Enforcement inform his hard-boiled action thrillers. His interests include military history, technology, politics and the ethics of the 21st Century mercenary.

Genres: Mystery
   The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn (2017) (with Jason Beech, Kevin Berg, Ryan Bracha, Paul D Brazill, Robert Cowan, Craig Furchtenicht, Shervin Jamali, Jason Michel, Allen Miles, Alex Shaw and Mark Wilson)
   Death Toll 3 (2019) (with J H Bogran, Paul D Brazill, Stephen Edger, Charlie Flowers, Paul Grzegorzek, Matt Hilton, Jamie Mason, Alex Shaw and Douglas Stewart)
   It's A Living (2019) (with Maark Abbot, Maark Abbott, A Z Anthony, Steven F Carter, Harry Chilcott, M J Christopher, William Tyler Davis, Brandon Draga, A M Justice, Margie Koger, Michael McCoy, Jacob S Nardi, Stefan M Nardi, Jeff Pryor, Justin Starling, A M Steiner, Adam M Steiner, Tabatha Stirling and Damien Wilder)