Herbert Adams's picture

Herbert Adams

UK flag (1874 - 1958)

aka Jonathan Gray

Herbert Adams was an English writer of fifty 'cosy' mystery novels, mostly featuring the detective Roger Bannion, which were often set in or around golfing competitions. He also wrote short stories, humorous verse and two other mystery novels under the pseudonym Jonathan Gray.

Genres: Mystery
   A Virtue of Necessity (1899)
   By Order of the Five (1925)
   The Sloane Square Mystery (1925)
   Comrade Jill (1926)
   Caroline Ormsby's Crime (1929)
   Oddways (1930)
   The Golf House Murder (1933)
     aka John Brand's Will
   The Knife (1933)
     aka The Strange Murder of Hatton, K.C
   Mystery and Minette (1934)
   Safety Last (1934) (as by Jonathan Gray)
   The Body in the Bunker (1935)
   Fate Laughs (1935)
   A Word of Six Letters (1936)
     aka Murder Without Risk
   The Owl (1937) (as by Jonathan Gray)
   The Scarlet Feather (1943)
   Murder Most Just (1956)
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